Are you ready to work with renewed energy on your sport and life goals? Then Total Recharge Massage is the place for you.

Over the past ten years, Inge van Trigt, owner of Total Recharge Massage, has passionately helped people believe in themselves to achieve their goals.


Energy, innervation, drainage, nutrition and psyche are the five natural pillars that I use to assist people, via a holistic approach, in accompanying them to let their energy flow and recharge their batteries.

When you, as an athlete, want to be accompanied in pushing your boundaries in order to achieve your goals, you are welcome for periodic massages and taping.

Since 2014, I assist Kinheim Baseball in Haarlem. I also accompany athletes or teams during specific sporting events:

2016 – Senior League Softball Europe-Africa Regional Tournament, Moergestel
2016 – EC Athletics, Amsterdam
2014 – FIH Masters World Cup, Women’s US 40+, The Hague/Rotterdam
2014 – Challenge Aspen Marathon Team, Lisbon marathon
2013 – Challenge Aspen Marathon Team, Amsterdam marathon
2012 – Challenge Aspen Marathon Team, Lausanne marathon.

The hourly rate is 60€.

As a “natuurgeneeskundig therapeut”, Total Recharge Massage is accredited by BATC, the professional Foundation Interest Association Therapist and Consumer, “Stichting Belangen Associatie Therapeut en Consument”. As member of this organisation, treatments are often covered partially by complementary health insurance.

If you want to know if your insurance covers my treatment sessions, please contact me.

women getting a massage


I am an energetic woman who has lived in 6 different countries since she was 14. This has resulted in openness towards people, cultures and habits as well as towards that what might be possible to achieve and not what is labeled as impossible or just not done. The challenge of supporting someone in their pursuit of dreams and goals is a pleasure.

Until 2002, I worked as a productivity consultant and in the field of training and development.

In 2004, I was bitten by the massage bug during a course in sports massage. This bug has never left my system since. In 2007, I started my own practice in Switzerland and in 2009, I graduated as a Swiss medical masseuse. In 2015, I opened my practice in Haarlem and in 2016, I was asked to partake as examiner during the Swiss Federal massage exams. This in return resulted in a position as skills teacher in the Swiss medical massage program at IKMP near Basel.
The passion of holistic treatment has been instilled upon me by my mother, who grew up in Indonesia and in turn was greatly influenced by the Indonesian and Chinese cultures. Herbs, cataplasms and massage have since day one been part of our daily health routine and first aid practices.

When you come to my practice, you will find someone who listens attentively to you and your health concern in order to assist you in finding a solution that I can personally help you with or refer you to someone who can. Goal focus is a result of having worked 10 years as a productivity consultant and skills trainer. In my practice, you find a constructive combination of goal- and people focus based on a holistic approach.

What clients say about Total Recharge

Katja Rochat

Thanks to Inge’s sports massages, my body as well as my spirit are in harmony. She has given me numerous suggestions concerning the functioning of my muscles which helps me daily with my dance studies.

Marie-Eve Sévigny

My multiple sclerosis increases the tension in my leg muscles. Inge has worked with me to reduce this tension which in turn has allowed me to walk with greater ease. This relaxation in my muscles also helps me get more out of my physical therapy sessions.

Hilary Stellingwerff

Inge is a very skilled massage practitioner with strong knowledge of anatomy and various therapy techniques, which sets her apart from other therapists. Inge made a significant impact on my recovery and injury prevention as an elite runner and I’m grateful for all her support for several years.


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